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 National High Performance Software Exchange (NHSE)

Note: This project is no longer active. This page is retained for archival purposes only.

Ken Kennedy
Argonne National Laboratory
Rick Stevens
Jim Poole
Syracuse University
Geoffrey Fox
University of Tennessee Knoxville
Jack Dongarra

The goal of the National High Performance Software Exchange (NHSE) is to disseminate software developed under various Federal agency funding programs such as the High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) program. Funded by multiple agencies under the leadership of NASA, this technology transfer project is producing software and content for a national repository. This software includes a software repository system based on a Repository in a Box (RIB). NHSE has achieved high visibility through the nationwide deployment of RIBs within the DoD HPC Modernization Program and the NSF Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure. NASA Goddard is working with Rice and its other institutional collaborators to implement a software management system that is geared to helping federal and academic technology transfer offices manage software collection and dissemination.