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National Computational Science Alliance (NCSA)

Note: This project is no longer active. This page is retained for archival purposes only.

Enabling Technologies | Education, Outreach, Training
NCSA homepage

Enabling Technologies

Principal Investigator:
Ken Kennedy
Project Technical Contact: 
Rob Fowler
Other Participants:
John Mellor-Crummey, Guohua Jin, Richard Hanson

The National Computational Science Alliance (NCSA), led by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, includes a long-term technology deployment project for high performance tools and resources. HiPerSoft researchers and programmers are working on developing new software tools needed to make those computational resources more accessible and usable to scientists and engineers. The alliance provides the opportunity to exercise the software developed under these projects in collaboration with important application groups. There is also an opportunity to participate in educational outreach programs on a national scale.

Current projects include:

Education, Outreach, and Training

Principal Investigators:
Richard Tapia
Rice University:
Vernon Edwards, Jasmine Gipson, Paco Maldonado, Linda Neyra, Josef Sifuentes, Michael Sirois, Hilena Vargas

Richard Tapia of Rice University's Center for Excellence and Equity in Education heads up Rice's outreach efforts for both NPACI and NCSA. Dozens of partners across the country collaborate in this joint effort of both partnerships through the Education, Outreach, and Training Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure. (EOT-PACI.) EOT-PACI's mission is to develop human resources to understand and solve problems through the innovative use of emerging information technologies. Tapia works primarily to

  • Increase participation by women and minorities in computational sciences
  • Improve K-12 and Undergraduate science and mathematics "pipeline